Keeping an eye on your IOP

Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is the only modifiable risk factor for glaucoma. This makes frequent IOP monitoring an important tool in glaucoma management.

Being able to measure your own IOP at different times of the day as part of your daily routine, offers a comprehensive picture of real-world fluctuations in eye pressure and the effectiveness of treatment. With this additional information, your doctor may be able to personalize your treatment plan more effectively.

Measure your eye pressure wherever you are

The iCare HOME2 tonometer is a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use solution for you to measure and monitor your IOP. You can take measurements effortlessly, outside of a clinical setting, without the need for a local anesthetic or any special preparation.

The measurements are quick, gentle, and safe to perform as part of your daily routines — you can be lying in bed, reclining in your comfortable chair, or sitting at the kitchen table. The iCare HOME2 tonometer is lightweight and, thanks to a custom-designed case, easy to carry around.

Monitor and share measurements with your doctor seamlessly

After measuring your intraocular pressure with the iCare HOME2, you can upload and share your IOP data effortlessly with your eye care professional using the iCare PATIENT2 mobile app. This application works on both Android and iOS devices.

Long-term IOP monitoring offers your doctor accurate, reliable, and real-world information that can help them tailor a personalized glaucoma treatment plan for you.

Reassure yourself by tracking your IOP every day and empower yourself by participating more actively in your own glaucoma care journey.

How to use the iCare HOME2 tonometer

Download the instructional materials here.