Getting Started FAQs

Do I need a prescription to purchase VisuALL-Home?

No, you do not need a prescription to purchase VisuALL-H. It is available for purchase without a prescription.

What is the VisuALL platform?

VisuALL is a platform for the mobile and remote evaluation of the visual function. It is composed of three main parts, the VisuALL headset, which is the device that the patient interact with, the VisuALL cloud, where all the storage, analytics and algorithms run and the VisuALL WebApp, which is the tool that is used by doctors and technicians to prescribe and manage the tests.

Which tests are included in the VisuALL platform?

The VisuALL includes two main tests: Visual Field and Visual Acuity tests. TheVisual Field test comprises several protocols like 24-2, 10-2 and Suprathreshold among others. The VisuALL also includes a pediatric version of those protocols. The platform includes two main Visual Acuity tests, for near and for distance acuity.

What is the duration of the 24-2 threshold and suprathreshold protocols?

The threshold 24-2 protocol is similar to the HFA 24-2 using the SITA standard strategy, about 4 minutes per eye. The Suprathreshold (screening) protocol last about 1.5 minutes per eye.

What strategy is used on the 24-2 threshold protocol?

The 24-2 protocol implements an Olleyes proprietary strategy

How is the screening visual field measured?

The screening/suprathreshold is done by stimulating once every location. The protocol allow also the manual setup of the stimulus intensity to evaluate patients with low vision. This screening test also provide the doctor with the reaction time data. This information in turn allow the topographical information of potential false positive responses.

What units are noted in the screening program?


Do I wear my own glasses?

Yes, patients wear their own glasses with the VisuALL VR headset. The design accommodates wearing personal glasses. Olleyes advises against using bifocals or trifocals, as the lens edges may affect retinal sensitivity measurements. In such cases, using lenses with the correct refractive correction is recommended by Olleyes.

Does the VisuALL testing platform require patching or taping?

No, the VisuALL platform includes a stimulator for each eye. Both eyes are tested in the same session, allowing tests to be conducted either monocularly or binocularly. This setup enhances fixation, even if one eye has low or no central vision. Additionally, the ptosis test can be performed without the need to tape the patient's eyelid.

Does the test require a room with special light conditions?

No, the test can be conducted under any lighting conditions due to the enclosed environment provided by the headset.

Can I pause the test?

Yes, to pause the test simply press the trigger button and hold it until the word “pause” appears on the headset screen. Press “play” to continue the test.

Is VisuALL a validated platform?

Yes! The VisuALL platform underwent initial validation at Wills Eye Hospital through an age-adjusted reference data study. Currently, new protocols are being validated at other esteemed institutions such as Vanderbilt Eye Institute, UAB, and various others.

Which codes can the doctor use with the VisuALL?

Your eye doctor can use the traditional visual field codes (i.e. 92081, 92083 and most likely 92083). They can opt also to use the RPM (Remote Physiologic Monitoring) permanent codes recently introduced by CMS. These are codes for the home monitoring of chronic conditions. Of this RPM codes 99457 may be the most appropriate one to use based on frequency and nature of the visual function test. (for more information about these RPM codes please contact Olleyes).

What is the calibration test?

The purpose of the “calibration test” is to evaluate if the patient has enough convergency to perform a binocular test. If there is some degree of convergence insufficiency, then the software will opt to do a monocular test.

Which languages are supported on the VisuALL?

English, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Turkishm Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Portugese, Persian, Tamil, Thai, Russian. Other languages will be available soon.

Can I wear a mask during the test?

Yes, but we strongly recommend to use anti-fog pads (C-Clear FogBuster Cleaning Towelettes) to avoid the well described visual field artifacts due to foggy lens.

Can the device be disinfected?

Absolutely! Ensuring cleanliness is straightforward with the VisuALL. You can thoroughly disinfect the device using standard alcohol pads. Olleyes provides a detailed disinfection protocol along with each VisuALL unit, which can also be accessed on their website. Please remember not to clean the glass lenses with alcohol pads to prevent potential scratches. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with alcohol or a suitable cleaning agent.

How do I recharge the VisuALL headset?

The VisuALL batteries last about 6 hours. We recommend to plug the device to the wall when it is not in use and at the end of the day. Let the VisuALL plugged in and ON during the night at least once a week. This will keep the VisuALL regularly updated with the last software version.

How do I recharge the VisuALL handpiece?

H (home) Model: It's recommend using Energizer AAA Lithium Ultimate batteries and replacing them every 3 months.

What does the blue light in the VisuALL handpiece indicate?

a) Slow blinking = scanning for headset to pair

b) Single blink = already paired to headset 

c) Blinking fast = low battery

How to troubleshoot your VisuALL's internet connection?

If you find yourself in a situation where your VisuALL is experiencing a connection issue, check that your VisuALL is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Try these few steps:

  1. Double press the HOME button on the handpiece.
  2. Point to the Wi-Fi icon on screen. (Top left side of screen)
  3. Make sure the VisuALL is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network and that there is a green check mark confirming the connection. If you are connected to the incorrect network or if an automatic connection isn't established, select the correct Wi-Fi network and enter the password. If you're connected but are still experiencing issues proceed to step 4.
  4. If your headset is connected to the correct Wi-Fi Network but is still experiencing issues, try connecting it to a hotspot using iPhone HotSpot How-To or Android HotSpot How-To. After creating a HotSpot following the instructions above, connect the VisuALL to the hotspot. Use the following link for more information on connecting the VisuALL to a Wi-Fi network: How to Connect VisuALL to Wi-FI .