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How to download the Patient2 App so that you can view iCare Home2 measurements on the go


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Parts used during eye measurement with iCare Home2


How to insert and remove the probe from your iCare Home2 


Monitor and share measurements with your doctor seamlessly

After measuring your intraocular pressure with the iCare HOME2, you can upload and share your IOP data effortlessly with your eye care professional using the iCare PATIENT2 mobile app. This application works on both Android and iOS devices.

Long-term IOP monitoring offers your doctor accurate, reliable, and real-world information that can help them tailor a personalized glaucoma treatment plan for you.

Reassure yourself by tracking your IOP every day and empower yourself by participating more actively in your own glaucoma care journey.

How to use the iCare HOME2 tonometer

Download the instructional materials here.