For any problems with your device, please feel free to contact us first!

Getting Started with an iCare HOME2 is simple and easy to use, find out how below.

  • Getting Started

    PLEASE READ ME FIRST: Getting Started Guide: READ ME FIRST!

    1. Get STARTED by downloading the APP

    Click below to download the APP for Andriod

    Click below to download the APP for Apple

    2. Next, set the FEATURES and LINK your device

    3. Here, choose your DATA STORAGE PLATFORM

    1. Option 1: iCare CLINIC is a website that your doctor and Xala Health LLC can use to manage and view your eye pressure data. You can also use this website to view and store your data. It costs $10 per month to use this service through us. You will be billed every month. When you subscribe through us, you can access customer service and get help from the team at Xala Health.
    2. Option 2: iCare CLOUD is designed for patients to create a private account for storing and viewing iCare HOME measurement results. (Yearly at $49/yr). It's important to note that you'll need to set up and manage this all on your own after receiving your Device.

    4. Next, set up your DATA PLATFORM
    If you choose Option 1 (iCare CLINIC) we will set this up for you. Below are helpful links to get started:

    Otherwise, if you choose Option 2 (iCare CLOUD), you will sign up and manage everything independently using the link below:

    4. Finally, login to the platform to view your data

    Now, you should be able to see your data both on your app and online from the selected data platform!

Where do I get more Probes?

Follow the link below to order