If you have ANY questions or concerns, Please contact Xala Health directly – DO NOT CONTACT iCARE! They do not have the ability or capacity to help with HOME questions!

Getting Started FAQs

Why should I purchase or rent a iCare HOME2 tonometer?

By taking measurements at home, you and your doctor will learn how your IOP varies at different times throughout the day. This data can guide treatment decisions, medication changes and be utilized to better understand the risks to your vision. This data can be invaluable to helping you manage your disease.

How does the iCare HOME2 work?

The tonometer functions by bouncing a novel magnetized probe off the cornea and measuring the subsequent deceleration of the short probe.

Is the iCare HOME2 safe to use?

YES. The iCare HOME2 is safe when used according to its indications for use and in accordance with its labeling. It is approved for use by patients at home by the FDA under rigorous testing. If you have any specific concerns, please consult with your ophthalmologist.

If I have had eye surgery, can I still use the iCare HOME2?

YES. Under normal circumstances, the HOME2 device can be used with no risk to the patient. However, If you have any concerns or questions you should consult with your ophthalmologist.

What do the eye pressure values mean for me? When should I be concerned about the eye pressure readings?

Intraocular pressure (IOP) is the fluid pressure in the eye and is also known as eye pressure. IOP is only one aspect of eye health and glaucoma. IOP values alone cannot be used to diagnose accurately or monitor glaucoma with a doctor’s input. Given that IOP reduction is still the only proven method for slowing glaucomatous progression, additional readings can be helpful in risk assessment.

Having an accurate pressure profile with or without eyedrops, laser, or surgery may assist your eye care professional – please check with him or her. You should always discuss any IOP concerns with your eye care professional since every glaucoma patient is different and there are also different types of glaucoma.

How do I show my results to my eye care professional?

You can show your results in several ways:

  • Directly on the iCare PATIENT2 app on your phone
  • Print out or email a report from the computer
  • You can ask your ophthalmologist to subscribe for the iCare CLINIC software so that they can view your measurement results online

Does it hurt?

Measurement is painless. The light-weight probe touches the cornea momentarily and some patients don’t even notice the measurement.

How often should I calibrate the tonometer?

The tonometer does not require any routine servicing or calibration. If there is a reason to believe that the servicing of the tonometer is necessary, contact Xala Health or the manufacturer.

How often should I change the probe base?

Every 6 months is recommended to maintain the accuracy of the device.

How often should I change the probe?

The probes are for single use (single pair of measurement sequences) only. Each probe can be used once to take a successful measurement in both eyes. If your eye is inflamed or infected, measure the healthy eye first.

Where can I find all the iCare self-tonometer instruction manuals and materials?

You can find all the manuals and materials on the iCare USB drive, located inside the iCare carrying case. You can also download digital versions from the Xala Health website or the iCare website.

How do I clean my tonometer?

You can clean the plastic surfaces with a cloth or a paper towel dampened with water. Before receiving your device, it was been cleaned with alcohol and UV light.

Can I travel with the tonometer?

Yes, you can take the tonometer anywhere with you. Please avoid dropping the device.

Pre-Sale Questions

Should I rent or buy an iCare HOME2?

Renting a HOME2 allows you to get a snapshot of your IOP to discover if your pressures are a factor influencing your glaucoma. Buying a HOME2 is a bigger financial investment but allows you to track your pressures continually over an extended period of time. We offer affordable rental options and have also partnered with Sika Health so that you can use your HSA and FSA cards for payment.

How much does it cost to rent or buy?

An iCare HOME2 rental is $250/week, with a discount for additional weeks.

  • Rental fee for one week: $250
  • Rental fee for two weeks: $400
  • Rental fee for three weeks: $550

Shipping is an additional $45.

An iCare HOME2 purchase is $2995 plus $45 shipping.

Can I return the iCare HOME2?

Returns are generally NOT accepted due to the fact that this is a medical device.

However within 30 days, if it is unopened, you may return it in it’s original packaging and get a full refund minus processing and 10% restocking fees.

If there is a special circumstance, please contact us for further assistance.

What is the warranty for a iCare HOME2 if I decide to purchase?

The HOME2 tonometer comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

Ordering Process

Does renting or buying the iCare HOME2 require a prescription?

YES. The FDA requires patients to have a prescription for a rental or purchase of a HOME2.

There are two ways to acquire a prescription:

  1. Your Healthcare provider goes to Xalahealth.com and clicks the “For Doctors” button on
    our homepage, there is a link to the “New Doctor Referral Form,” and the information submitted on this form serves as the prescription.
  2. You can upload a photo of written prescription and email it securely to hello@xalahealth.com. The prescription needs to be on the Healthcare Provider’s official pad, with the professional contact information, including the email they want your results emailed to, their NPI or DEA number and the patient name and date of birth.

How long does it take to get an iCare HOME2?

Once you place your rental or purchase order, your HOME2 will be shipped within 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday).

As soon as your HOME2 ships, you will receive detailed UPS tracking information.

The delivery requires a signature, and the tracking link will provide you a delivery window so you can be available for the delivery.

How do I send the iCare HOME2 back after a rental?

Simply repackage the HOME2 in the box it came with and attach the return label.

Then drop it off at any UPS store the next business day after your rental period ends.

What communication will I receive from Xala Health?

  1. Notification when we receive your prescription from your doctor
  2. Order confirmation
  3. Next steps email to prepare for your rental or purchase
  4. An email from no-reply@icarefinland.com with information about setting up your Clinic account
  5. Order shipped and tracking information

How to use the iCare HOME2 tonometer

Download the instructional materials here.