Introducing Nanodropper

An innovative adaptor designed to make your eye medication last longer by minimizing drop size. This FDA-listed device ensures you get the most out of your eyedrops, reducing both waste and expense.

  • Step 1

    Compatibility Check

    Ensure the Nanodropper fits your medication bottles. Visit our compatibility guide by clicking here to confirm fit before purchasing.

    Compatibility List Instructions 
  • Step 2

    Quantity Selection

    Each Nanodropper is designed for single use per bottle to maintain sterility. Determine the number needed by visiting here.

    How Many Adapters Do I need? 
  • Step 3

    Customize with Labels

    Personalize your bottles with Nanodroppers exclusive colored labels for easy identification. Add labels to your order here.

    Colored Label Stickers 

Benefits of Using Nanodropper

Reduce Waste: Ensures each drop of medication is just the right size, minimizing overflow and waste.

Cost-Effective: Smaller drops mean your eyedrop bottles last longer, saving money on frequent refills.

Improved Adherence: Easier to manage medication schedules with consistent drop sizes.

How It Works

The Nanodropper attaches easily to most eyedrop bottles, adjusting the size of each drop dispensed. This simple adaptation means you use less medication per dose, extending the life of each bottle.