Explore Olleyes VisuALL: Home-Based Eye Care Revolution

Discover Olleyes, a pioneering medical device company dedicated to enhancing eye care through innovative at-home diagnostic solutions. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Pico Interactive’s G2 4K headset, VisuALL offers a virtual reality platform designed for safe, remote diagnosis and monitoring of eye health.

What VisuALL Offers

  • VisuALL is a comprehensive visual care testing platform that integrates visual field testing and visual acuity assessments among other functionalities, all from the comfort of your home.

Technology and Innovation

  • Merging virtual reality with artificial intelligence, VisuALL empowers eye care providers to conduct remote tests effectively. This technology is particularly crucial in today’s environment where sanitary measures are paramount.

Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience

  • With the flexibility to conduct tests in various settings including directly at home, VisuALL makes visual field testing more accessible than ever. This portable solution removes the traditional boundaries set by bulky diagnostic equipment.

A Focus on Patient Comfort and Safety

  • Unlike conventional methods that require patients to fixate their gaze for extended periods, VisuALL allows for quicker, more comfortable testing procedures, aligning with current health safety protocols.
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