How many Nanodroppers do I need?

The Nanodropper is a sterile medical device designed for single-bottle use and should not be removed once attached. For safety, each medication bottle should have its own adaptor, which should be discarded at the end of its lifecycle to prevent risks of contamination or infection. As there are no FDA-approved methods for home sterilization of medical devices, reusing a Nanodropper can lead to serious health risks.

Consult your eye care provider to determine if Nanodropper suits your needs. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should discard eyedrop bottles three months after opening. Therefore, 4 adaptors would generally constitute an annual supply.

For those using multiple medications, it's essential to use a separate Nanodropper for each bottle. For instance, if you're using two different types of compatible eyedrops, you will need one Nanodropper per bottle, or about 8 Nanodroppers per year.