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Nanodropper Adaptor: Maximize Your Eye Medication

Nanodropper Adaptor: Maximize Your Eye Medication

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Introducing the Nanodropper Adaptor, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize your eye care routine. The Nanodropper Adaptor is specifically engineered to make your eye drops smaller, ensuring you get the most out of every bottle. This not only reduces waste but also maximizes the effectiveness of your expensive eye medications.

Does it fit my bottle?

The Nanodropper is designed to accommodate most bottle types. We encourage you to carefully confirm compatibility with your medication bottles by reading the link below: 


Key Features:

  • Compatible Check: Ensure the Nanodropper Adaptor fits your bottle with a quick compatibility check.
  • Economical: Significantly reduce waste and extend the life of your eye drop bottles, saving you money in the long run.
  • FDA-Listed: Trust in a product that's the only FDA-listed, volume-reducing adapter designed for eye drop bottles.
  • Precision Drops: Current bottles dispense much more liquid than your eye can absorb. The Nanodropper Adaptor ensures you get just the right amount, every time.
  • Reduce Side Effects: Smaller drops mean less medication running down your face and into your body, potentially minimizing systemic side effects.
  • Designed for Comfort and Ease: With an ergonomic design, elongated tip for better aiming, and a soft, medical-grade silicone tip, the Nanodropper Adaptor makes application a breeze.
  • Fits Most Bottles: Engineered to fit most medicated eye drop bottles. Simply attach the Nanodropper and experience the difference.
  • Sterile and Safe: The Nanodropper Adaptor is a sterile medical device intended for one-time use per bottle to maintain hygiene and safety.

Use a new Nanodropper for each bottle and don’t switch it between bottles. Trying to clean it or use it again can cause serious health risks. Always throw away the eye drop bottle when your eye doctor says it’s time. Remember, the Nanodropper might not be right for everyone, so please check with your eye doctor before using it.


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Easy-to-follow — 4 steps for use

Why Choose Nanodropper?

  • Smaller, precisely measured drops for efficient medication use.
  • Up to 80% reduction in wasted medication due to overflow.
  • Improved ease of use and adherence to your eye care regimen.

Eyedrop Overload: Paying for What You Don't Use

Modern eyedrop bottles release significantly more liquid than your eye can hold—nearly five times the necessary amount. This leads to approximately 80% of each drop being lost to overflow, either spilling onto your face or being unnecessarily absorbed through your tear ducts into your body. Decades of clinical studies affirm that smaller drops are equally effective and often safer, yet consumers continue to bear the cost of this excess medication.

Created Together with Patients, for Patients