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iCare CLINIC Software

iCare CLINIC Software

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The iCare CLINIC software is for storing and analyzing your tonometer data.

If you want to keep track of your eye pressure measurements with iCare HOME or HOME2 tonometer, you need to choose how you want to store and view your data online. There are two options to choose from but if you found yourself here then you must have chosen option 1.

Option 1: iCare CLINIC is a website that your doctor and Xala Health LLC can use to manage and view your eye pressure data. You can also use this website to view and store your data. It costs $10 per month to use this service through us. You will be billed every month. When you subscribe through us, you can access customer service and get help from the team at Xala Health.

Option 2: iCare CLOUD is designed for patients to create a private account for storing and viewing iCare HOME measurement results. (Yearly at $49.99/yr). It's important to note that you'll need to set up and manage this all on your own after receiving your Device.


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iCare CLINIC software

The iCare CLINIC cloud software stores long-term IOP data from the iCare HOME2 tonometer and provides tools for versatile analysis and reporting of the data. iCare CLINIC is quickly and securely accessible via any browser. The doctor can also give access to IOP information for the patient if so desired.

iCare CLINIC’s built-in graphical tools support medication change decisions and allow for evaluating the success of a pressure-lowering procedure. The Compare periods-view of iCare CLINIC enables plotting pre and post medication or pre- and post-surgery periods on top of each other for easy comparison.


iCare PATIENT is a mobile application for the iCare HOME self-tonometer, allowing IOP data transfer to iCare CLINIC using an Android mobile phone or tablet. The iCare PATIENT app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


The iCare EXPORT app enables uploading IOP data from the iCare HOME2 tonometers to iCare CLINIC using a PC. The iCare EXPORT can be downloaded from the iCare CLINIC software for installation to a local PC.